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Logi-Serve Assessments are Engineered to Identify Top Performers

Small and mid-size companies can now benefit from the same best-in-class science and technology that large enterprises use to make more informed hiring and development decisions.

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Hire and develop top performers with Logi-Serve OnDemand Online Career Aptitude Test

Hire and develop top performers

Fortune 50 companies select and build relationships with Logi-Serve because of our leading-edge science and technology, and our ability to predict employee performance and fit. Now, smaller organizations can leverage the same science and technology used by the world's most advanced companies.

Improves sales, service, and customer experiences with Logi-Serve OnDemand job assessment test software

Improves sales, service, and customer experiences

The Logi-Serve assessment is laser-focused on predicting potential for excellence in sales, service, and customer experiences. Using our validated assessments, you can identify and hire the best candidates and train your employees to improve performance.

Decrease candidate drop-off with Logi-Serve OnDemand online career aptitude test software

Decrease candidate drop-off

Whether labor markets are tight or open, businesses cannot afford to bear the extra cost of losing candidates as they move through the application process. The Logi-Serve assessment is easy to take and fully engaging. Our completion rates of over 90 percent drive better hiring and lower recruiting costs.

Increase financial performance with Logi-Serve job assessment test solutions

Increase financial performance

Logi-Serve ties outcomes to financial impact. You'll not only reap the benefits of improved sales, service, and customer experiences, you'll also be able to quantify these gains and communicate them to others in the organization.

Increase financial performance with Logi-Serve job assessment test solutions

Enhance your brand

Use Logi-Serve to enhance your employer brand in two ways. First, our visual job environments allow you to promote key job and culture-related information to candidates. Second, providing candidates with a chance to see themselves in the actual job ties the assessment tool more closely to the content of the actual job, adding realism to the assessment and improving the relevance of responses.

Increase financial performance with Logi-Serve job assessment test solutions

Improve onboarding effectiveness

The Logi-Serve assessment not only identifies candidates with superior potential, it also provides detailed intelligence on how your hires score in critical competencies that influence service and sales performance. Managers armed with this information can customize onboarding programs to maximize the effectiveness of new hires.

Increase financial performance with Logi-Serve job assessment test solutions

Empowers continuous improvement

The Logi-Serve assessment is ideal for evaluating service and sales competencies in employees. Using the assessment as an integral part of a professional development program sets the stage for continuous improvement in employees' sales and service capabilities as it improves the quality of each customer experience.

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