What's Included

Logi-Serve OnDemand Assessment System

Logi-Serve is a state-of-the-art, employee assessment system that identifies candidates who possess the competencies required to fit the job and become high performers.

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Logi-Serve OnDemand Candidate Assessments Include Personality Test for Jobs

Candidate Assessment

Logi-Serve assessments are innovative, and scientifically rigorous at identifying and developing high performing employees. Our assessments immerse candidates into an illustration of the position and job environment enabling candidates to embark on role playing experiences where they respond to realistic, on-the-job work situations. Candidate reactions to realistic job situations are an effective way to determine job fit, learn how your candidates will perform and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

  • Engage job candidates in an enjoyable job try-out experience
  • Quick, with average test times around 20 minutes
  • Accessible on any device and browser
  • Validated, so you can rely on the results with confidence

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Custom Reporting from the Logi-Serve OnDemand Job Skills Assessment Predicts Candidate Abilities

Insightful, Actionable Results

See assessment results immediately after the candidate completes the activity. Candidates are evaluated using an overall numerical score and then assigned a classification medal (Gold, Silver, Bronze), making quick interpretation and decision-making a breeze. Take a deeper dive into a candidate's strengths and weaknesses with detailed reports on the candidate's job fit qualifications.

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The Logi-Serve OnDemand System Dashboard Houses Your Employment Assessment Test Software System

Logi-Serve System and Dashboard

Once you make your purchase you'll automatically receive access to an administrative dashboard that puts employee assessment capabilities right at your fingertips.

  • A record of recent candidate assessment activity
  • An invitation manager for distributing assessments to candidates or employees
  • Access to scores and reports
  • A candidate interview guide
  • Help files, onboarding and mentoring tips, and much more!

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Learning About the Benefits of Logi-Serve OnDemand Pre Employment Assessment Test

Benefits of the Logi-Serve Assessment

Logi-Serve has developed a breakthrough assessment platform that predicts employee job fit, performance and business outcomes. In developing our platform, we focused our efforts in three areas critical to effective employee assessment—rigorous science, an engaging user experience, and predicting value.

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Logi-Serve OnDemand Works to Improve Your Bottom Line with Online Career Aptitue Test Software

Improve Your Bottom Line

High-quality employees have a profound impact on the performance of your business. Leading businesses of all sizes trust the Logi-Serve assessment to predict job fit, reduce hiring and operating costs, and improve the contribution from every employee.

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Discover what Logi-Serve can do for your business. Increase productivity, reduce costly employee turnover and build a lasting culture of efficient performance. Build your own assessment in just a few simple steps.

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