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Logi-Serve OnDemand takes the guesswork out of employment decisions.

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The Logi-Serve OnDemand Employment Test Uses Intuitive Candidate Scoring to Predict Job Fit

Intuitive candidate scoring

Logi-Serve predicts job fit, performance, and business outcomes using a simplified, easy-to-interpret gold, silver and bronze medal classification system.

  • Gold - a high score relative to that of an average worker
  • Silver - a similar score to that of an average worker
  • Bronze - a low score relative to that of an average worker

Numerical scores are also available, allowing you to rank order and prioritize candidates.

Custom Reporting from the Logi-Serve OnDemand Job Skills Assessment Predicts Candidate Abilities

Predict each candidate's ability

The Logi-Serve competency framework predicts and develops sales and service aptitude. The framework stems from decades of case study evidence linking specific competencies to performance and financial impact in small, mid-size and enterprise customers. See how your candidates and incumbents rate on overall ability as well as each individual competency.

The Personality Test for Employment Provides an Instantaneous Report to Assess Candidate Job Fit

Instantaneous Reports

Logi-Serve OnDemand scores assessments and generates reports instantaneously based on candidate responses to the assessment. The system score compares candidates to the same “successful” combination of competencies as found in other high-performing employees in similar roles.

Logi-Serve reports contain:

  • Overall job fit and performance score
  • Medal classification
  • Narrative explanation of the scores
  • Individual competency subscore
  • Coaching and onboarding tips targeted to the candidate's competency level
  • Blended scores for additional insight
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