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Automotive Retail Clients Use Logi-Serve OnDemand Job Assessment Test Software to Predict Candidate Performance

Automotive Retail: Case Study

A North American network of automotive dealerships sought to improve its hiring for three critical roles: Finance & Insurance Manager, Sales Consultant and Service Advisor. The Logi-Serve Assessment successfully differentiated the best performers from poor performers. Those scoring higher on the Logi-Serve assessment were twice as likely to receive positive customer feedback on their performance, and were two-thirds less likely to be the subject of customer complaints.

Kiosk Retail Sales Clients Use Logi-Serve OnDemand Personality Test for Employment to Hire Experience Customer Service Staff

Kiosk Retail Sales: Case Study

The Logi-Serve Assessment successfully identified sales staff and booking agents for a national vacation and leisure company who excelled BOTH at sales efficiency, i.e., taking less effort/time for each sale, and at sales effectiveness, i.e., the size of each sale. The financial impact of using the assessment was determined to be between $500K and $1 million per year.

Health Club and Fitness Center Clients Use OnDemand Logi-Serve Employee Assessment to Prioritize Candidate Applications

Health Club: Case Study

A network of fitness centers needed to identify entry-level Membership Advisors who could both increase sales and improve customer service quality. The Logi-Serve Assessment identified Membership Advisors who excelled at converting leads to full memberships. The estimated benefit of the added conversions, and the increased referrals due to improved service, totaled over $2 million.

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