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Business owners and HR professionals who recruit, select, train, and manage employees face complex people-related challenges. Many of these challenges can be effectively addressed when organizations use behavioral-based, validated, pre- and post-hire assessments as part of their hiring and development decision-making process.

Using validated assessments as part of a standardized candidate screening process can: (a) improve the quality of candidate experience with your organization, (b) improve your ability to accurately differentiate between candidates with lower versus higher potential to perform within your job and organization, and (c) inform ongoing performance-related coaching and development efforts. Effective use of candidate assessments ultimately yields real value for your organization.

The best assessments available today take advantage of over 100 years of scientific research and evidence into how to identify candidates who are most likely to perform effectively within a specific position in an organization. Having insight into this likelihood of future performance success, and its resulting value to the organization, can dramatically improve the quality of decisions about the people you ultimately hire and/or develop, compared to less scientific methods (e.g., judgments based on gut-feel, intuition, or first impressions).

The articles and resources listed and linked below will help you better understand the existing scientific research and evidence base for validated assessments and empower you to make good decisions about the use of candidate assessments in your organization.

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Why should I consider using candidate assessments in my organization?

Candidate and employee assessments provide information that help you make more accurate hiring and development decisions. Good assessments and screening processes can also help to ensure that candidates have a positive experience when being considered for a position or role within your organization. The following readings explain all of this and more:

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What must I keep in mind when using candidate assessments to guide employment-related decisions in my organization?

Employment-related decisions have major impacts on the lives of candidates and the health of organizations. Because of this, there is substantial risk associated with such decisions as hiring, firing, and promoting individuals within your organization. This risk, of course, is accompanied by tremendous possible reward for the individual candidates, employees and the organization. The following resources help to outline risks, and strategies for managing these risks, to maximize the value of candidate assessments in an organization:

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How do I make the right decision about which assessment(s) to use in my organization?

The following resources are targeted toward individuals wanting to make a decision about which assessment is best for their organization’s needs:

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