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The Automotive Services industry category includes positions related to the retail sales and manufacturing of automobiles and associated parts and services.

Business Services includes job roles that feature interactions taking place in an office environment. This includes positions in administration, management, call center, consulting, and operations.

Call Center (or Contact Center) Services includes positions that feature inbound/outbound calls or online chats for sales, customer service, or technical support.

The Financial Services industry encompasses roles involved in all aspects of managing money where customer service and sales interactions are critical for performance, including investing, lending, insuring, securities trading and issuance, asset management, advising, accounting and foreign exchange.

Food and Quick Services refers to roles in businesses providing prepared foods, through catering, fine dining, or quick service (i.e., "fast food").

Government Services encompasses roles in businesses that provide customer services at federal, state or local branches of government.

Healthcare Services includes vocations that treat and serve patients with curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care.

The Hospitality Services catergory includes roles in business that provide service to customers in need of food, drink, accomodations, transportation, and entertainment for those traveling away from home.

The Other Services catergory includes a variety of specialty roles that fall outside of the broader Industries listed.

The Retail Services industry comprises roles in businesses that sell, or support the servicing and selling of, goods and services to end-use consumers goods through a distribution channel such as a retail store, catalog, or website.

Supply Chain Services describes roles in businesses engaged in activities that help develop and move products from suppliers to end-use customers.

Transportation Services includes roles in organizations whose primary business is to move people, animals, or goods from one location to another.